Sidoarjo mudflow handling to prevent new incidents, president says
January 9, 2008, 12:52 am
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Sidoarjo mudflow handling to prevent new incidents, president says

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono asked related parties to continue handling the mudflow in Sidoarjo, East Java, to prevent new incidents from happening like broken dikes, new mudflows, not to mention human victims.

“We ask to handle the mudflow correctly. Prevent new incidents such as broken dikes, mudflows and new victims. I stress the importance of the efforts,” the president said in a press conference at the office of public works ministry here on Tuesday, after a presentation by Public Works Djoko Kirmanto, followed by a limited cabinet meeting.

Although the Sidoarjo mudflow case was not included in the agenda of the cabinet meeting, the president said he had asked an update of the latest development of the mud case from chairman of the Sidoarjo mudflow handling agency, Soenarso.

“For sure, the measures to overcome the Sidoarjo mudflow, including construction, dike strengthening, efforts to stop the mudflow, channeling the mudflow to a safe location and social aspect of land purchase (relating to the mudflow) should be continued,” he said.

Some 12 thousand mudflow victims have received 20 percent of their compensation, or more than the targeted 10 thousand victims, he said, adding that the rest (80 percent of the total compenssation) will be paid in May, 2008.

“Those who have yet received the compensation should be settled accordingly,” Yudhohono said.

On the occasion, the president said that public works minister Djoko Kirmanto had reported the minister`s achievement in 2007 as well as what would be done in 2008.

The head of state said the public works ministry prioritizes the construction of infrastructure which can support food procurement, clean water, residential complexes in slump areas and fishermen`s areas and the delayed payment of land compensation for toll roads should also be settled.(*)


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